Ventilated façade Eurohabitat

The ventilated façade system is a multi-layer cladding system that provides a quick, economic, efficient and flexible complete cladding.

System Definition

Eurohabitat is a ventilated façade cladding construction system. It makes for complete cladding, with the acoustic and thermal insulation required in each case for quick, economic, efficient and flexible use.

Since it is a multi-layer system, it offers excellent comfort and insulation features at a cost that is similar to conventional vertical cladding with infinitely superior onsite performance and ease of control.

The system is light, is mounted dry, allows the use of different skins and can incorporate all the vertical installation paths required for the building.

System Composition

  • EUROHABITAT Load Bearing Panel

    This panel is responsible for resisting the force of the deadweight of all of the façade elements and wind overloads. It reinforces the cladding and acts as a support for all of the other elements. It allows the passage of vertical conduits and eliminates the need for battens to secure the exterior panel. EUROPERFIL,S.A. has created this EUROHABITAT profile specifically for the building sector with a factory-installed special insulation sheet made of synthetic rubber and aluminium film for the purpose of adding to the thermal-acoustic comfort and prevent condensation.

  • Exterior Panel

    Acts as a barrier against inclement weather and allows for the incorporation of any building finish desired. It is secured to the EUROHABITAT self-supporting panel with horizontal transition battens so the ventilated chamber stays in the middle of the panels.

    The largest range of solutions available on the market opens to the imagination and creativity of the project’s author.

    • Ceramic or stone pieces.
    • Profiles or sandwich panels made of pre-lacquered steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. *Natural rock.
    • Wood (plywood) panels with various treatments, phenolized, etc. *Cellulose-cement or wood-cement panels.
    • Thermosetting resin laminated sheets.
    • Other...


  • Interior Panel

    Used to give the interior the necessary surface finish.

    It was designed as a support for the EUROHABITAT load bearing panel and is configured as a chamber for the development of the interior installations and the other possible layers of thermal-acoustic insulation that may be needed.

Installation Integration

The EUROHABITAT system allows for the passage of installations through the ventilated chamber which means construction can be carried out without the need to perforate the structural concrete in several areas to provide for downpipes, pipes, electrical conduits, ventilation tubes, etc.

Construction Possibilities

There are different types of EUROHABITAT profiles depending on whether or not the passage of installations is required or depending on the modularity of the façade.


  • Economics

    The most relevant quality is its capacity to save time on the job (up to 50-60% depending on whether it is single layer or open work) and considerably reduce costs given that:

    • It is installed by specialized teams.
    • The onsite installation is done dry; therefore, the site weather does not modify the quality of the ventilated façades or the system safety.
    • There are less safety measures (perimeter nets are not necessary, reducing the execution time reduces the onsite risk period).
    • Less space for stockpiling is required.
    • The cost of auxiliary elements is lower as the only ones needed are inherent to an industrialized system (drills, cutting machines, telescopic crane and basket ? ).
    • Does not require the installation of a fixed crane.
    • It saves on the cost of clean-up and waste collection, classification and transport.
  • Environment and Comfort

    Provides direct building climate control and thermal « health » benefits:

    • Uniform building insulation, with no thermal bridging thereby reducing the cost of climate control and disturbances within the building.
    • Reduced structural movements due to outdoor temperature variations and separations between the various materials used on the building.
    • Better heat restitution. The ventilated wall restitutes the heat absorbed during the installation operation phase which gradually slows coolinge.
    • Lower management costs for climate control systems due to lower dispersions.
    • Better sound abatement as a result of the layered construction of the ventilated façades and the use of phono-absorbent materials. Measuring done during handover in Guadalajara by ENAC-recognized firm have shown aerial noise insulation values of: R?=35,7 dBA. (Min. required by NBE?CA?88:30dBA).
  • Finish Quality

    The system is designed on a metal structure that adds a series of additional advantages:

    • The structure supports the exterior coating safely and is planned based on incidental loads.
    • The structure compensates possible vertical-related problems which could affect the walls of the building with stirrups and the harmony of the anchoring stirrup profiles.
    • The structure is studied to allow for expansions and contractions of the different materials due to linear movements, thus preventing breakage in the structural concrete, corners, etc. due to the expansion of the ceramic brick.

The EUROHABITAT System is currently in the process of obtaining D.A.U. (Fitness for Use Document) through the I.T.E.C. (Catalan Construction Technology Institute): Working document: 803-G/ddp-01 It is a light construction system that is mounted dry, incorporates all of the vertical installation paths of the building and allows the use of different exterior finishing skins.


Our objective is to ensure the proper design of the industrial laminate façade system to achieve maximum quality for your project.

Europerfil has the calculation and simulation tools necessary to guarantee the solution meets the thermal and acoustic insulation requirements in each case.

At Europerfil, we provide a technical consultation service to help you define your project, ensuring maximum quality and committed to providing the most appropriate solutions for your needs.

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