Combined Cycle Central from Koudiet, Algeria

EUROPERFIL is present at the Combined Cycle Power Station in Koudiet with the architectural facade panel ETNA 1000, a polyurethane sandwich panel with an invisible fixing system and high density, which its totally smooth appearance, in color Jaune Sahara 1015 and Grey Silex 7032 and the organic coating with exceptional durability DIAMANTE OPTIM PLUS, gives  the project  a warranty of high quality. You can also see the roofing profile EUROCOVER 40N, both specified in this project, and used for the construction of the buildings.

Algeria is one of the countries where it is more usual to see the products of EUROPERFIL.

At the Combined Cycle Power Station in Koudiet is expected to generate 1.200 megawatts of power, this means around the 18% of all the electricity consumed in Algeria at present.

The requirements, the commitment and the final result obtained by EUROPERFIL in this project, leads us to mention it among the other projects performed in the Maghreb area during the year 2014.

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