New Coca Cola production plant in Lima, Peru

The new COCA COLA production 

plant in Lima (Peru) was one of the biggest industrial construction projects that took place in Latinamerica in 2014.
 The high standards of COCA COLA and the exceptional geographical location of the site (in the Pucusana desert just a few kilometres away from the Pacific Ocean) would prove to be a major challenge. However, EUROPERFIL managed to meet these demands using fully sealed metal enclosure solutions , with exceptional long term coatings and custom accessories.

The products used were the smooth facade Sandwich Panel GALATEA (50kg /m3 density) and roof Sandwich Panel DELFOS (invisible fixed with clipped cover joint) both with a useful width of 1100mm, polyurethane insulation core B, s2, D0 and coating Diamante Optim plus that provides a long term guarantee, ensuring no delamination or discoloration to the COCA COLA corporate colors.
More than 150 containers were required to supply all these materials for this huge international project.


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