A team at your service

The Europerfil team is our reason for being; it is what stamps personality on our services and our products because it is the people who each day disseminate and defend our values. Europerfil's positioning is a response to the attitude of a team of people who, from the operator to the manager, from the secretary to the salesperson, from the controller to the factory manager, from the foreman to the technician, seek a reply with a high level of demand to the commitment we hace acquired with our customers.

Technical advice

Europerfil's goals include a search to offer the best service by giving personalised attention and technical advice. We therefore provide you an extensive technical-sales network and our technical department that will give you technical advice whenever you require, whether on the suitability of each product or the coating for your project. Hence, offering you a wide range of alternatives to meet your technical and economic needs.

For our support shutter work products, we also offer you a global calculation to help you optimise the composition of the slab.