Eurodesign, Roof and facade standing seam

Modern architecture provides us with a wide range of shapes which is the result of the constant evolution of the materials and construction systems meaning that any building can be unique, full of nuances that are built in to the environment and with new volumes and spaces.

EUROPERFIL's constant desire to innovate has led us to develop a new construction system based on hemmed trays to create special, different and unique architectural roofs and façades.

EURODESIGN system allows create unique lines and shapes,infinite lengths, expanding the architectural creation possibilities.

Detalle constructivo Sistema Eurosedign

System Advantages

The versatility of the system makes it possible to manufacture all types of curving onsite, providing for the creation of lengths of up to 50 metres without cuts or joints, with variable widths and radiuses which makes any type of architectural shape a reality. We offer a wide range of metal finishes and noble materials. The EUROPERFIL hemmed roof system prevents perforations on the outer skin, fully guarantees water tightness (even on slopes of less than 2%) and the ideal performance of the exterior material due to the free expansion of the materials.

  • Onsite Manufacturing with a Mobile Profile Unit:

    Onsite production permits significant energy and waste savings as well as shorter completion periods as the profile production and assembly can be simultaneous. The direct result is a significant reduction in the overall cost. It eliminates transversal joints as it is a continuous process.

  • Mechanical Closure:

    Machine bordering provides pressure-closed joints so that the resulting product is comprised of a continuous element without openings which emphasizes the architectural appearance and aesthetic of the finish and allows for absolute water tightness.

  • Hidden Fixing:

    No exterior perforation required: the trays are connected to the support with a vertical bordering system which is done with special anchor clips, the fixing points of which remain under the exterior skin.

  • Unlimited Versatility and Creativity:

    The system makes possible long (<50m.), single-piece elements which eliminates the transversal overlap of the trays and guarantees use on slopes lower than 2%.

  • Great thermal and acoustic insulation solutions:

    The system is compatible with the use of the widest range of insulation types and thicknesses so as to provide the most appropriate solution for each case. The extensive range of possibilities in thermal and acoustic variants makes it an integrated system with outstanding features.

  • Maintenance:

    The materials used (aluminium, copper, zinc, pre-lacquered and stainless steel) feature characteristics that are well-known for their durability and resistance to corrosion that are practically maintenance and cleaning-free.


The hemmed trays allow for the creation of unique architectural shapes thanks to their malleability and the possibility of being manufactured in infinite lengths. The main characteristics is that they are connected with raised joints and retaining elements that make it possible to secure the tray to the roof without perforating it.

Eurodesign also permits convex curving and conic parts. Verifications are done onsite in order to ensure that the parts perfectly adapt to the radius of the site curving.

Eurodesign comes with retainer clips to join the trays to the roof. The retainer clips make it so that no perforations are necessary on the exterior skin of the roof and thanks to the use of the hemmed tray system the materials can expand freely.

Materials and Coatings

Creativity has no limits with Eurodesign as it can be manufactured in:

  • Natural smooth, natural embossed (texture), RAL lacquered or specially finished aluminium
  • Natural, oxidized or pre-treated (aged) copper.
  • Natural, pre-treated (aged) zinc.
  • Galvanized, RAL lacquered or specially finished steel.
  • Stainless steel in different finishes

Don’t hesitate to ask our Technical Department about the most exposure-appropriate material or coating required.

Detalle constructivo Sistema Eurosedign

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Eurodesign in steel data sheet - Roof

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Eurodesign in aluminium data sheet - Facade

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