Experience Wall



EXPERIENCE WALL represents a true revolution in façade coatings.

It converts teel, a fully reciclable material, best known for its industrial use, into façade finishes of high aesthetic and architectural value for all types of buildings in the residential sector, shopping centers, public buildings or service buildings.
EXPERIENCE WALL is anew steel finish to personalizw each building, bringing uniqueness and differentiation to become an element of architectural value.
We offer three concepts that will allow you to create your unique façades as far as you want to go:

The Experience Wall Forest proposals provide the façade with the warmth of the aesthetics of the wood, combining it with the play of light and shadows generated by the metal profiles to achieve an architectural façade with a high aesthetic component.
Pure natural inspiration.
We were inspired by nature to create Experience Wall Forest. A range of finishes that combines the warmth of aesthetics of various types of wood, with an interesting light and shadows game generated by the visible and hidden fixing metal profiles, carefully selected to offer you the best possible result for the façade of your building.


EXPERIENCE WALL profile, a concept that seeks the most original combination of steel architectural profiles dressed with the proposed design models that accentuate shadows, colors, lighting, textures and turn each profile into a surpirsing façade covering.
Experience Wall Profile is the combination of architectural profiles and designs studied in detail on each profile, associating the application of colors, designs and textures to the geometry of each profile.
The applied designs enhance the geometric shapes of the profile, providing depth, light, color and texture. The end result is a unique range of façade profiles that adds personality to the skin of the building.
The designs are applied to a wide range of architectural façade profiles, with exposed fixing or hidden fixing.


A concept to develop customized projects where pre-established patterns are proposed whose resolution is guaranteed, where the concept of design interpretation and adaptation to use allows the necessary creativity to be provided to turn the collection into a powerful tool with which to make a difference in each building, making the façades on which this coating is applied unique. 
The pre-established design patterns of the Experience Wall Advance collection have been carefully chosen as if they were fabrics, which we arrange at service of cutting and sewing to dress each façade to the personal taste of the architect.