Who we are


Founded in 1987, Europerfil is part of ArcelorMittal group, and manufactures profiles, sandwich panels and innovative constructive solutions for metal cladding for all kind of buildings.

Specialists in metal cladding

Europerfil develops and manufactures a wide range of products for metal cladding that forms the skin of buildings. Made in steel or other finer metals, the whole range of products has been designed in seach of the best possible appearance, the most effective solution and the most competitive reply. This range includes constructive profiles for roofs, facades, composite floors, architectural facade profiles; polyurethane and poliisocianate sandwich panels for roofs and facades, refrigeration and acoustic panels, facades architectural panels; in addition to a wide range of accessories, colour range and coatings which adjunt to each project, each atmosphere and and all surroundings.

Europerfil is present in all sectors of activity, innovating to offer a wide range of products, accessories and constructive solutions for non-residential (industrial buildings, schools, social and cultural centres, refrigeration facilities, health centres, and buildings for transport and service stations), and residential buildings.

Our factory

Europerfil started un in a small factory located in Rubí (Barcelona). In 1992 we opened 10,000 m² of a new facilities in Cervera (Lérida) for profile manufacture. In order to locate the firts panel line started up in 1998, we built a further 10,000m². The second panel line opened in 2007 requires the factory to be extended by an additional 10,000m². Today we have 30,000 m² of productive facilities in Cervera in which the company makes constant investment to ensure that the productive means are the most advanced in the sector.


Europerfil has always been characterised by its wager on innovation, its continous effort in constantly improving the quality of the materials and its service vocation, resulting in a wide range of products and constructive solutions. The experience and exhaustive control to wich all products are subject have consolidated us in the sector as a benchmark of innovation, quality, guarantee and safety.